Dimensional Styrofoam Sign Letters

A sign located at the Triangle in Bournemouth called ‘Thriller’ The shop front sign with 3D skull logo and 3D gothic letters with stand off fixings was fitted onto a black gloss sign located in central Bournemouth.

The sign was fitted in 2010 and is still looking good in April 2016, although it could do with a wash. The letters were cut from a dense polystyrene type material known as styrofoam, the letters were then painted with a masonry paint, white face and blood red painted sides. The skull was hand carved out of the styrofoam and coated in a thin layer of Jesmonite for added durability although I don’t think it needed it in the end.


Styrofoam Carving – 3D Skull

3D Skull Project.   We had to make a skull logo for a Gothic Clothes shop in Bournemouth, England.

The customer wanted 3D letters and a 3D logo.

3D Skull

3D Skull

They did not want perspex, they did not want metal, so we made the letters out of something else instead. We did not use wood or MDF. We did not use polyurethane foam.

We used Carvingfoam. We first digitized the pattern, then we hot wire cut the shapes. The letters and logo were then hand finished to their final shape. Next we gave the letters a coating of a special styrene free resin which does not melt the Carvingfoam. Once the resin is cured we then used sandpaper on the surface to give it a matt finish.
The letters and 3D Skull were then coated in a pigmented  acrylic resin coating.

3D Letter T

3D Letter T

The 3D Logos and 3D Letters made from styrofoam are fully UV protected once coated with acrylic resin.

This job was an interesting project to do. We like taking such projects on because of the artistic streak in us.