Built Up Acrylic Lettering

The Letter ‘U’ made from 3mm thick green acrylic, 12″ high with a 3″ return. These letters are made and fitted to shop front signs and come in a wide range of colours. You can buy them from www.arro-signs.co.uk

Most acrylic built up letters are made in a block bold font like Helvetica Bold or Clarendon Bold or similar type font. The letters can be illuminated with LED.

The letter face is first cut out using a cnc router, strips of acrylic are then cut to length and bent into shape to create the return on the letters. The components are then glued with a welding glue. Fixings are then glued to the back of the letters to allow the letters to be fixed to a fascia panel.

Most of the 3D acrylic leters that we make and supply go to our customers for DIY fitting unless the customer is local to us.



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