Digitized Logos

Digitized logos. Viper Logo case study.

A customer came to us wanting a new shop front sign with a logo on it, the customer only had a business card to go by and did not have any other artwork. We took the business card and took a digital image of it either with a scanner or digital camera. The jpeg image was then imported into Corel Photo paint, the image was then converted to greyscale, the contast turned to maximum and then converted to black and white and exported as a pcx file.

The pcx file was then sent to Corel Trace program and turned into a vector image, if the image had converted and the standard was high enough would then edit the nodes until the logo was correct, if the quality was not high enough we would have taken a different method of digitizing. The second method of digitizing we would have taken would have been to import the pcx image into Corel Draw and digitized it from that program.

The digitizing of the Viper logo would have produced a vector logo which was then exported as a eps or ai file and was then ready for cutting in vinyl or cutting out of acrylic, it was also ready for printing any size with out loosing the quality of the image.


PDF file with vector logo imported into it. Open pdf into a Corel Draw program or similar program and view it as a wireframe to observe the profile, select the logo and you should be able to view the nodes which are editable.

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