Letter A – Built up Stainless Steel letters

This is an image of a built up stainless steel letter with a brushed finish for use on a Shop Front Sign. The image was taken 2005.

http://www.stainlesssteelletters.co.uk   for more images and information on this product.

Stainless steel letters are the perfect solution for quality permanent letters for property name signs and business name signs.

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Chrome Letters in a Green Chrome Finish

The letter ‘a’ made from moulded cast acrylic in a green chrome finish. The letter ‘a’ was part of a job we did for a school located in England. The complete word was ‘Laboratory’.

We made a series of signs using green chrome text which were applied onto 10mm thick clear acrylic panels and supplied for fitting onto internal walls with stand off chrome fixings. A very premium finish for a sign for a school.
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Green Chrome Moulded Letters

Green chrome letters, this letter ‘a’ was supplied with the rest of the letters to a University for putting on their walls to indicate the various IT departments in one of their buildings. We also supplied the letters in a sapphire chrome type lettering.


Moulded Letters