Dimensional Styrofoam Sign Letters

A sign located at the Triangle in Bournemouth called ‘Thriller’ The shop front sign with 3D skull logo and 3D gothic letters with stand off fixings was fitted onto a black gloss sign located in central Bournemouth.

The sign was fitted in 2010 and is still looking good in April 2016, although it could do with a wash. The letters were cut from a dense polystyrene type material known as styrofoam, the letters were then painted with a masonry paint, white face and blood red painted sides. The skull was hand carved out of the styrofoam and coated in a thin layer of Jesmonite for added durability although I don’t think it needed it in the end.


The Number 5

The number 5 made from fastcast resin. The letter was first carved out of a dense foam in reverse, I removed the letter and kept the backing material, I then filled the backing material with the resin, when the resin had gone off hard I removed the cast letter and disposed of the one use mould. The result is a rustic looking cast resin letter. The texture is the result of the cell structure from the hand carved mould. This was an interesting project to do. There may be a market it if sold to interior designers or architects. The benefit of these letters is that they will not rust or rot and if fitted on a building they should last the life of the building. 

I will probably continue to work on this method of producing 3D letters as I think they are a nice alternative to what is on the market.

We have completed a small number of jobs using this method of producing 3D letters, for florists, an art shop, tattoo shop and for a church where they were looking for something different and wanted the letters to last a long time.


3D Cast Resin Numbers