Leave Comments Here and promote Your Blog.

Hi, promote your blog here.  Write a statement about your blog and leave a link to it. Promote your blog, without traffic does your blog really exist or is it just a figment of your imagination.

I get about 200 hits a day and the only comments I get are by the spam machines.

So if you have arms and legs, hands and some fingers, do some typing and promote your blog here.

Happy Blogging.

34 Responses to “Leave Comments Here and promote Your Blog.”

  1. print man Says:

    Please visit my new blog


    From Chris

  2. jbbird Says:

    I was originally thinking of setting up a blog that would be about me. But then I realised that everybody else has already done that, and to be honest I have never been that comfortable just talking about myself in that way.

    As such, my new blog has the following aims:

    “21st Century Marco Polo is a blog established to explore the places where east meets west and vice-versa.

    In today’s world the old boundaries of east and west are breaking down, reconfiguring and in some cases being created anew – all at the same time! As such, the purpose of this blog is not to focus exclusively on asians (and asian culture) nor westerners (and western culture) but to look at the space where they meet. Be it Chinese rappers, McDonalds’ McSatay Burger or Thai cowboys – I think there is something worth looking at whenever two cultures have an impact on each other. At that, my friends, is what 21st Century Marco Polo is all about.”

    I would be extremely grateful if you, the supportive wordpress community, could perhaps check it out and give me some feedback. Only two articles so far, but plenty of ideas in the pipeline.

    Let me know what you think!


  3. s0rceress0 Says:

    http://s0rcy.wordpress.com I write stories for the light reader. About a page per day. Easy enough to read while grabbing a sandwich or checking out blogs on a phone. Fiction/Non-fiction/Sci-fi/fantasy

  4. breanacarrier Says:

    i write poetry. pretty simple uncomplicated poetry. i’m pretty interesting. you should read me. that is all.

  5. wingstruck Says:

    also a new blogger,looking to get in touch and help promote blogs on here,ive just set up a friends page,drop by check it out and comment or contact me either below or on my page to be added
    all welcome no matter what blogging style or topic you discuss
    happy blogging

  6. balladeer Says:

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to share info about our blogs. I write Balladeer’s Blog, which is partly a blog about college sports but also about singing the praises of things that slip through the cultural cracks. I cover teams that don’t get as much attention as the big name schools, plus bad and obscure movies, Navajo Mythology, Vietnamese Mythology, Bunyoro Mythology and I’m always open to covering new subjects.

  7. Pezuzu Says:

    what is pezuzu’s cakes?
    its my blog, and if you enjoy seeing decorated cakes, then you need to subscribe to my blog.
    I live for this, and enjoy it very much, just started decorating cakes at the end of last year, and opened my blog last saturday.
    come on and check out my blog at : http://www.pezuzu.wordpress.com

  8. Wilhelm Schnotz Says:


    It was founded in 2009, but it since started to flourish and we’ve been since getting views everyday. We feature posts from the internet, and self written articles. We’ve since updated a new feature to post in the morning and in the evening (GMT) for readers to both read in the morning and afternoon. We are also going to introduce a page HALL OF FAME, where those sites who contributed at least 13 posts or articles to us are included and thus, FREE ADVERTISING on our sidebar!

    VISIT: wenkai31.wordpress.com

  9. Netty Gritty Says:

    I write about how to use wordpress.com to its full potential and I also write about free online tools that help unleash your creativity or maybe even save your day by doing a task for you.

    visit: Netty Gritty

  10. mike Says:

    I hear you about the spam thing. I get tons of spam comments on all of my blogs.

    I found a link to this page via LinkedIn, by the way.

    My new blog is about internet marketing, making money, and everything associated with that. My plan is to try to share some of my experiences making money with the ebay affiliate program and adsense.


    I would love some feedback.


  11. Hajra Says:

    I am pretty new to blogging. My blog is at http://hajrak.blogspot.com
    It’s basically a humor site and all about complaining about life but also enjoying it thoroughly!

  12. martinez Says:

    thank you for helping out the bloggers in this world. we appreciate it. this site is for those that work at home or would like to work at home. the blog provides information, tools, employment website along with reviews and comments.

  13. martinez Says:

    the website
    this blog is for freelance writers who would like to earn revenue from their services.
    this blog allows authors to come together to share, network and provides information and tools in order to accomplish the goals of working on freelance writing and earning revenue

  14. jacobjackson328 Says:

    Hey everyone, check out my blog. It gives business tips, tools, and also chronicles my experience as I attempt to open my own ebusiness. I hope that if I fail, I will help some of you with a few pointers from a real life experience.

    Subscribe to my blog!

  15. Paul Novak Says:

    Very nice gesture for you to make to fellow bloggers. If you’d like I keep a visitors blog directory on my site you are welcome to list your blog on. Hope you find your efforts productive!

  16. Johnny Giles Says:

    My blog is;
    and I would really appreciate some help promoting it. I will do my part by making comments and/or by following other blogs.


    Johnny Giles

  17. s0rceress0 Says:


    Are you looking for free books you can read on your E-book reader? Tired of seeing only the New York Best Seller books on the market? I am reviewing free E-books available to the public and authors who are not yet the top of the list. I am also reviewing E-readers and computer programs for reading E-books. If you have a suggestion I am more than happy to hear it!
    Don’t just read it, E-read It!

  18. sajeev kumar Says:

    Technology enthusiast who is also interested in news, views, music, reading, writing,cricket, movies, quotes, blogs, poetry…

  19. NyankoHime Says:

    hmm. as shameless as I am, let me try this. what the heck right? 🙂


    thats my blog, basically I post pics, (of me, my food, what I wore, places I go etc) and blog about things that bother me (rants! rawr), what I eat and how I want to be “beautiful”

    ah yes. Being a teen (y)

    Thankyou! – Kat

  20. studiodavenport Says:

    Kill time, not coworkers.


    Thank you.

  21. Ramon Ayala Says:

    Earn online business opportunities and online marketing topics.

  22. Nerds On Call Says:

    Hi, My blog is All about quick tech tips for moms.
    If you are a mom, aunt, or grandma we have really fun gadget advice for you.

    Click on the link to read a post.

  23. Lisa Griswold. Says:


    My blog is my personal account of my childhood trauma and my journey to recovery as I tackle the effects of PTSD. A raw and deeply moving blog. Please subscribe. TY.

  24. Andrew Klein Says:

    Very nice of you to do this! Brand new blogger here with a determination to be honest and (gasp) interesting. Ex-bodybuilder, sci-fi geek, who worked as a professional voice talent and is now a litigation consultant. And played keyboards professionally. And collects vintage toy robots. And likes Star Trek and Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher). See? Already weird and surreal! Working on being forthright to the point of embarrassing myself. Would love comments and requests on what aspects of my world might interest you.


    You can follow me on Twitter @rotobadger too! I say bad words a lot in an attempt to be hip. Good times.

  25. dokgu Says:

    I’d like to share my personal travel blog.
    It’s a blog that I’ll be using to document all my travels (around the world). Sometimes a may add some polls as to where I should go next so you can comment on it and tell me about your country and I might go there..


  26. greenerpasturesind Says:

    I have been blogging about my travels in the remote eastern Himalayan region. I hope you like the writing and the photographs.

    My Blog is at http://greenerpasturesind.wordpress.com

  27. Mika Kotikoski Says:

    My personal blog:
    Central themes: Invesment, politics, extreme sports, cars and naturally Babes 🙂

    It’s built on Tumblr by using a premium theme named Inspire Well. I’ve further modded the theme to fit my own purposes.
    I chose Tumblr because it’s very handy on micro blogging ones personal thoughts and re-blogging cool stuff 🙂 Check it out! You might even like the content… Especially the Babes 😀

  28. Shannon Shuford Says:

    I have a blog that gives people innovative ways and tips on how to save money. There are sections for Financing, Career Tips, Technology, For the Home, Food on a Budget, Going Green, and Deals/Coupons. It’s pretty new but I do have some good posts on it so far so go check it out and feel free to leave comments! Thanks, Shannon


  29. akapribot Says:


    Linux Athena is helpful community for people who wish to learn and share knowledge about Linux and free software. We provide Linux documentation, reviews, free software and tips & tutorials. Join us to support and contribute articles to Linux community.

  30. UGR Gaming Says:


    I own a video game entertainment blog where we showcase news, reviews and other stuff.
    Take a look


  31. nonamegirl Says:

    Hi there!
    I’m doing a self-portraiture Project 365 at http://noflashincluded.blogspot.co.nz 😀 I’m limiting myself by not using my usual DSLR but instead using amateur materials such as the iPad 2 camera and a cell phone camera to inspire others who may not have expert knowledge in photography to have a go at taking photographs with what tools they do have. The results can be amazing.

  32. keerthikasingaravel Says:

    My blog wealthymatters.com is all about my favourite topic wealth:Making it,putting it to work,growing it,enjoying it,giving it away.passing it down the generations…..
    Come join me,even if chasing money is not really your thing.Who knows you might even find you like the subject after awhile.

  33. YouAndTheKids Says:

    Every parent wants their children to have fun, be happy, and develop memories that both parent and child can cherish forever. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to rely on a budget to go out and do things with our kids. You & The Kids will illustrate great and fun ideas my wife and I do together with our children. As my family ventures and shares our web-blog journey, we hope to strengthen our bond and relationship as a family and hope you do the same throughout our posts.

    We would like to share our fun experiences with you through fun Arts & Crafts, yummy Eats & Treats, ideas for Outdoor Fun, and great Books. You will be amazed on what fun and great ideas are out there for You & The Kids to do without “breaking the bank.” Join us to find out what great fun You & The Kids can do together today!

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