Faux Aluminium House Numbers

Faux aluminium house numbers

Available from www.bighousenumbers.com


3D Printed Logos

3D printed logos and lettering, printed up to a height of 200mm x 200mm x 200mm. made from a hard plastic which is then painted to the customers specification in a matt finish. ideal for logos to go in business offices on walls or for standing on an executives desk.

Example shows a letter ‘B’ in an Old English font, mill finish before it was cleaned up and painted in a gold colour. height of logo was 100mm by 10mm thick. A work in progress. 3D printed Logos.

Big Red Glitter Letters

Big red glitter letters made for Nokia. 1000mm high, 200mm thick.



Plastic Letters

At Arro Signs we make Plastic Letters for signs. Arro Signs Plastic Letters are made from cast acrylic. We buy sheets of cast acrylic from a local supplier and we usually use the PERSPEX brand of cast acrylic. The sheets are supplied to us 10ft by 5ft 5mm thick. Perspex has a wide range of colours to choose from. The Most popular colours are Black, White, Gold, Silver.

We cut the cast acrylic sheeting into letters, logos and shapes with a CNC router. The letters are usually supplied with a stud and cup fixing system which allows the letters to stand-off the wall when fixed. A paper template is supplied to indicate where the fixings are located.

Gold Perspex Letters are used with Prestigious Shop Front Signs and give the customer the Exclusive image without costing the earth.
This Link will take you to our website page for perspex letters.

Cast Acrylic is also a great material to work with when producing Built up Letters and Moulded Letters.

This Shop Front Sign had Gold Moulded Letters onto Chrome Faced Panels fixed onto a timber fascia located in Bournemouth, Dorset, England.

How to fit Acrylic letters.

Vinyl Sticker Printer – Logo Stickers

A trailer to an epic movie about vinyl sticker printing, it has action, it has sound, it has colour and even music. As fun as watching paint dry on a rainy day in the winter probably on a Sunday after noon at about 2.30pm.


1000 vinyl stickers, black logo and text on silver vinyl, 45mm x 35mm. product logo stickers.