Dimensional Styrofoam Sign Letters

A sign located at the Triangle in Bournemouth called ‘Thriller’ The shop front sign with 3D skull logo and 3D gothic letters with stand off fixings was fitted onto a black gloss sign located in central Bournemouth.

The sign was fitted in 2010 and is still looking good in April 2016, although it could do with a wash. The letters were cut from a dense polystyrene type material known as styrofoam, the letters were then painted with a masonry paint, white face and blood red painted sides. The skull was hand carved out of the styrofoam and coated in a thin layer of Jesmonite for added durability although I don’t think it needed it in the end.

Shop Sign – Kath’s Kitchen Coffee Shop

Aluminium composite sign panels, 4490mm x 740mm. Cream text on brown/coffee coloured backing. Sign fitted into an existing box sign. Location of sign 407 Charminster Road, Bournemouth. A lovely and inviting coffee shop and makers of tasty sandwiches.



Shop front Signs – Clear Cast Acrylic

Clear Cast Acrylic Shop Front Signs look modern and very professional. Made from 10mm thick clear cast acrylic with polished edges, vinyl letters on the face with satin finish stand off fixings.

This kind of product is suitable for Designer Shops and Exclusive Restaurants.

Shop Front Sign – Tesco Express – Winton

A 3000mm long 600mm high aluminium composite sign. Red and blue vinyl text on white panel.



sign-tesco-layout-2013-visualArtwork sent to us as a vector artwork EPS file, edited in Corel Draw and then exported and then imported into a SignLab program for cutting in self adhesive vinyl as a logo.

The vinyl logo was then mounted onto panels of aluminium composite and supplied for fitting by a local builder that was doing a refit on the shop.

The customer was very specific on the colour of the vinyl as it needed to match their company colours exactly.





Shop Front Sign – SCOOBY’S

This shop front signs blog was supposed to be about shop front signs, time to focus on what this blog is about, what is it about, it is about shop front signs.
This is a photo of a shop front sign make from 3mm thick aluminium laminate. The laminate is designed for shop front signs. There I have done it, I have done a blog about shop front signs, it took me over 12 blog posts before I got round to it but here it is.

Shop Front Signs

Shop Front Signs

We also supplied the digital image on the window and a Pavement sign which they ordered at a later date. The sign was supplied to the customer who fitted it themselves.The sign is located in Wimborne Road, Winton, Bournemouth.


News Agents Shop Sign – Cannington News

cannington-news by Signmakersuk
cannington-news, a photo by Signmakersuk on Flickr.

Aluminium composite news agents shop sign,  to replace an existing sign with the same layout as previously seen on the shop. The customer supplied a photograph of the previous shop sign which we then copied.

It’s Epic – Shop Front Sign

Shop Front Sign – It’s Epic

A sign made from 3mm aluminium laminate.  5490mm x 457mm supplied and fitted in Bournemouth. The sign was supplied as three sections and screwed direct to the brickwork.

We also supplied vinyl lettering that was cut in reverse and fitted to the inside of the window.


www.itsepic.co.uk for embroidery and printing.