3D Printed Logos

3D printed logos and lettering, printed up to a height of 200mm x 200mm x 200mm. made from a hard plastic which is then painted to the customers specification in a matt finish. ideal for logos to go in business offices on walls or for standing on an executives desk.

Example shows a letter ‘B’ in an Old English font, mill finish before it was cleaned up and painted in a gold colour. height of logo was 100mm by 10mm thick. A work in progress. 3D printed Logos.

Chrome Letters in a Green Chrome Finish

The letter ‘a’ made from moulded cast acrylic in a green chrome finish. The letter ‘a’ was part of a job we did for a school located in England. The complete word was ‘Laboratory’.

We made a series of signs using green chrome text which were applied onto 10mm thick clear acrylic panels and supplied for fitting onto internal walls with stand off chrome fixings. A very premium finish for a sign for a school.
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Shop Sign – Kath’s Kitchen Coffee Shop

Aluminium composite sign panels, 4490mm x 740mm. Cream text on brown/coffee coloured backing. Sign fitted into an existing box sign. Location of sign 407 Charminster Road, Bournemouth. A lovely and inviting coffee shop and makers of tasty sandwiches.