Vintage Letters

A customer asked us to make some 3d letters for use inside a shopping centre where the sign would be under cover. They wanted the letters to look like Vintage lettering. They wanted them to be silver in colour and have a bevel to them.

We produced the letters in a Gothic type Font. The letters were made 12″ high, 1″ thick with standoff locators on the back. Made from a high density Styrofoam which we coated with resin and then hand painted up in red. When the red paint was dry we then painted the silver paint on top. Before the silver was dry we used a clean cloth to rub off some of the silver paint to show bits of red.

3D letters made from styrofoam are not very strong, but when fixed to a shop sign they will still last for many years, they need to be handled with care when fitting to make sure they don’t get dented or dropped. The letters are weather resistant and will only require painting now and again to freshen them up.

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