Painted Stone Letters Effect – 3D Letters for Signs

Green ‘@ ‘ made from dense foam, coated in a textured finish in a green acrylic resin coating. The ‘@ ‘ was part of an order for lettering for a sign in Scotland. The letters were made in a script font which I did not have an image of; sadly.


This type of lettering is ideal for Florist Shops, art and Craft Shops. The method that we have used is unique. We have not found any other Sign Company using the same method of production.

Over the years we have produced letters for signs in Perspex, metal, and wood. We were looking for a method of production that was different, something that was not glossy, something that had an organic feel to it. We were looking for something that would not look perfect.

So if you have a Florist Shop, a Surf Shop, a Gothic Shop or an Art and Crafts Shop think about having something different, something creative, try textured Letters and Logos From Arro Signs

Red Letters

Red letters, moulded. Burgundy is a colour that is difficult to take photographs of as digital cameras do not interpret colours very well. The image needed editing in a program called Corel photo paint version 12. The image was then resized to 60mm wide at 150 dpi and exported as a jpg file. The moulded letters are available from


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Shop Front Sign – Tesco Express – Winton

A 3000mm long 600mm high aluminium composite sign. Red and blue vinyl text on white panel.



sign-tesco-layout-2013-visualArtwork sent to us as a vector artwork EPS file, edited in Corel Draw and then exported and then imported into a SignLab program for cutting in self adhesive vinyl as a logo.

The vinyl logo was then mounted onto panels of aluminium composite and supplied for fitting by a local builder that was doing a refit on the shop.

The customer was very specific on the colour of the vinyl as it needed to match their company colours exactly.



Styrofoam Carving – 3D Skull

3D Skull Project.   We had to make a skull logo for a Gothic Clothes shop in Bournemouth, England.

The customer wanted 3D letters and a 3D logo.

3D Skull

3D Skull

They did not want perspex, they did not want metal, so we made the letters out of something else instead. We did not use wood or MDF. We did not use polyurethane foam.

We used Carvingfoam. We first digitized the pattern, then we hot wire cut the shapes. The letters and logo were then hand finished to their final shape. Next we gave the letters a coating of a special styrene free resin which does not melt the Carvingfoam. Once the resin is cured we then used sandpaper on the surface to give it a matt finish.
The letters and 3D Skull were then coated in a pigmented  acrylic resin coating.

3D Letter T

3D Letter T

The 3D Logos and 3D Letters made from styrofoam are fully UV protected once coated with acrylic resin.

This job was an interesting project to do. We like taking such projects on because of the artistic streak in us.