Shop Front Sign – SCOOBY’S

This shop front signs blog was supposed to be about shop front signs, time to focus on what this blog is about, what is it about, it is about shop front signs.
This is a photo of a shop front sign make from 3mm thick aluminium laminate. The laminate is designed for shop front signs. There I have done it, I have done a blog about shop front signs, it took me over 12 blog posts before I got round to it but here it is.

Shop Front Signs

Shop Front Signs

We also supplied the digital image on the window and a Pavement sign which they ordered at a later date. The sign was supplied to the customer who fitted it themselves.The sign is located in Wimborne Road, Winton, Bournemouth.

Gold Moulded Letters

Here is an image of our Gold moulded Letters in a Times Bold bevel face. The letters are supplied for DIY fitting by the customer.

We have a one page website with images and YouTube to promote the product as well as a couple of other sites to get more coverage over the net.