Polystyrene Letters

Polystyrene Letters.

Example of a polystyrene letter in Times Roman. The material used was styrofoam which is a high density polystyrene.


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How to Fit Acrylic Lettering onto an existing shop front sign.

How to Fit Acrylic Lettering onto an existing shop front sign.

Example of how to fit acrylic letters onto a wooden shop front sign, the wood was painted cream by the customer and the letters were cut in black acrylic.

Black acrylic letters and logos fitted onto existing shop front panels. The size of the panels was measured by the customer. The customer then gave us the wording required and the artwork for the logo as a jpeg, we digitized the logo and cut it in vinyl and mounted it onto the acrylic. The letters were cut on a cnc router machine. The lettering then had plastic studs solvent welded/glued onto the back of the letters, the glue melts both the back of the letter and the fixings together which makes a strong join.

A paper template was then made of the acrylic letters by drawing out the letters on our computer plotter, the location of the fixings was done by hand by placing the acrylic letters over the paper template and lining up the letters with the layout and pressing the letters into the paper. The stud fixings on the back of the letters left a faint mark which was then drawn in with a pen as a cross to indicate where the fixings would be.

A bag of caps was supplied which were the other part of the fixing system.

To fit the letters onto the shop front the paper template was taped it into position with masking tape, checking all the measurements and making sure the template was straight and centred on the sign.

The holes were Drilled where indicated with the crosses on the paper template. The template was then removed from the sign. The cap fixings then had the screws put through them which had a hole through them already and then they were fixed onto the shop front.

The acrylic letters were offered up to the fixings and pushed into position, the studs were snapped into the cups and the letters were then fixed onto the shop sign.

The letters were then cleaned with a damp link free cloth.

Job well done.


Simple fix fixings (our standard fixing)

Simple fix fixings or AXI-FIX fixings are a 2 part system used to fix flat cut or
moulded letters to  brick walls, wooden fascias,
metal cladded fascias or plastic fascias.

The stud fixing which is already attached on the back of the letter  will have been placed on a paper layout to punch a hole in the paper leaving a registration mark making a fixing template. The fixing template is then positioned where required on the fascia and the fixing points are drilled. The female cups are then screwed to the fascia using 1″ posidrive, plated pan head screws. The lettering is then pushed into the cups until an audible click is heard.

Bournemouth Signs

Signs around Bournemouth are often made by the local sign industry. Exterior signs come in the form of Shop Front Signs, ABoards, Flags, Banners, Street Names, Road Signs, Post mounted Property Signs, House Signs, Vehicle Graphics, Builders Site boards and much more besides.

Bournemouth Signs inside premises are known as interior signage and come in many forms and are made with many techniques by local sign makers. Information signs, directional signs, posters, banners, vinyl window graphics, wall signs, Corporate Logos for Receptions, Safety Signs and the list goes on.

The materials used for making Bournemouth signs are the same for the rest of the UK. Most sign businesses work with FoamPVC, Cast Acrylic, Aluminium, Exterior MDF, Marine PLY, Aluminium Composite, Stainless Steel and adhesive Vinyl.

The graphics for making Bournemouth Signs are predominately made with the aid of CAD programs which allow the sign maker to make signs by cutting the lettering and logos in an adhesive vinyl with the use of a cutting plotter or by digitally printing the graphics on to the vinyl.

Signs in Bournemouth are also made with the use of CNC routers, computer aided engraving machines, water jet cutters and Laser cutters.

Traditional Sign Writing is available from a small number of sign makers who paint the graphics onto painted wood. Painted signs and acrylic signs were the main methods of producing Bournemouth Signs until the late 20th Century.


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