Sign Writing a Pub Sign

17th June 2011. We have been given an interesting project to make a new Pub Sign for a place in London. The old sign has had it’s day and needs replacing. We don’t do sign writing any more because customers don’t want to pay the price that a sign writer is worth. Sign writing is a skilled job and is very under valued. The nearest we can produce these days is a digital print of a painted sign. The sign is first painted onto paper, then digitally copied and printed onto exterior grade vinyl for sticking onto the sign. We don’t have the resources to sign write onto timber but we can replicate and duplicate images.

The image of the old sign will be taken and then digitized and converted to a vector graphic. The vector graphic will then allow us to enlarge the picture to any size we like.

We will first produce a picture 1/4 size of the finished product using acrylic paints and a good quality board.

More to follow in the near future. project in progress.

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