Planning To Buy A Shop Front Sign

When planning to buy a shop front sign and you have a tight budget but still want the quality and durability that is required for shop signs then some research will be required to find the right product.

The more information that can be given to the sign maker the better the chance that you will be able to obtain a more competitive quote. If the shop owner can measure the size of the sign required this will save the sign maker the visit to the site which will in turn save the shop owner money. If the design can be roughed out and supplied to the sign maker then this too can save money in design costs. The more the customer can work out for themselves the cheaper the end cost of the sign. Another saving can be made be finding a sign maker who is willing to supply the sign for the customer to fit.

A sign material that is suitable to be used for DIY fitting is called aluminium laminate which is a durable aluminium composite made from two layers of aluminium with a polyurethane core, the material is 3mm thick and comes in various colours. The material is easily fitted to any flat surface and is designed for outside use.

Aluminium composite signs can be supplied in sections of 2400mm x 1200mm they can be made with white panels or coloured panels with vinyl letters. The signs can also be made with full colour graphics, though care must be taken when ordering signs with full colour graphisd to make sure the signs will not fade over time.



Sign companies that can supply sign panels for DIY fitting can be found on the internet through the Google, Yahoo or MSN search engines. You may also find them through searching through blog search in Google or you may find a sign business by searching through realtime on the Google search engine. Most local sign companies will not supply signs for DIY


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