Aboards in various colours are available from www.aboards.info which will then take you to a website at www.shop-display.net

We have started another blog, shopdisplays.wordpress.com

The website is what we call a one page poster website promoting a single product.



Quality and affordable aboards for business. buy online at www.shop-display.net

• 32mm extruded aluminium poster frame
• Easy snap open poster change system
• Steel back panel
• Anti glare poster cover
• Available in 17 stock finishes
• Locking leg stays

To purchase this product or other coloured aboards visit www.shop-display.net

Product Description

Our chalkboards are ideal if you want to personalise your message and are perfect for pubs, cafés and restaurants. Available in a mahogony colour, these chalkboards are manufactured from solid wood, offering excellent durability and a premium quality finish.

• Solid wood construction
• Locking leg stays
• Suitable for internal or external use
• Finished with mahogony wood stain
• Easy wipe-clean chalkboard face

To purchase this product or other visit www.shop-display.net

Product Description

Spring loaded to counteract even the highest winds, the waterbase sign is the ultimate pavement sign. The base can be filled with water to provide a stable footing for the sign, and with wheels incorporated into the base, transporting the sign is easy. The snap open system makes changing the message quick and easy.

• Double sided extruded aluminium poster frame
• Capable of withstanding high winds
• Easy snap open poster change system
• Wheels on base for easy transportation
• Protective silver anodised finish

To purchase this product  visit www.shop-display.net

Aboards also known as A-boards, sandwich boards, pavement signs can also be described as forecourt signs. Many years ago aboards would have been made from a solid wood construction and would have been painted or stained and varnished to the customers requirements. The aboard would then have been sign written in an oil based paint. Today aboards are more often made from aluminium or mild steel and powdercoated with a stove paint for durability. The graphics are more likely to be vinyl lettering or digitally printed.

One of the most popular versions of the pavement sign is the swinging pavement sign which has a solid plastic/rubber base with a metal frame and a panel that hangs from two hinges located within the top of the frame. The panel would be made from a thin sheet of 1.5mm aluminium with rounded corners for safety. The most common size of pavement sign panel is 500mm x 700mm.

The traditional aboard has two panels hinged at the top with four legs to the sign standing like a tent with no ends, a bracket stops the two panels from opening up too much. Aboards can have graphics applied or they can be supplied with snapframes which allow for poster to be fitted. The posters are made of paper.

Aboards are also made with a chalk black board for use with pubs and restaurants, chalk aboards are made in wood and are stained instead of painted.

Forecourt signs are supplied to the petrol stations and car showrooms as well as large retail outlets. Forecourt signs are larger than aboards and are usually designed to hold large posters. The forecourt sign is made of metal with a heavy weight base to stop them falling over in the wind

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New Website for Shop Displays

We are working on a new website www.shop-display.net where we intend having an online shop for the sale of aboards and chalk boards and lockable notice boards for supply in the UK.

Arro Signs have been supplying pavement signs to shops since 1996 and have been selling them on ebay for a couple of years. As prices have become more and more competitive we finally decided to open an online shop  selling pavement signs to shops.

We continue to sell our shop front signs on ebay through our ebay shop.  http://stores.ebay.co.uk/shop-front-signs we direct traffic to this blog to show our customers images of what we make and supply through out the UK.

ArroSigns also makes vinyl lettering which we also supply through an online shop cart using paypal shopping cart


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Stick On letters

Vinyl Lettering.

Many years ago when I was a young sign maker at the age of 20 which would make the year 1985 vinyl lettering was a new form ofsign making.  Most signs in those days were still made in painted wood or acrylic. Vinyl lettering would be cut using a  Spandex  graphix4 vinyl plotter and logos were often cut by hand using a scalpel which would take hours. These days logos are digitised and cut on plotters and can be printed and cut on the same machine.




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Fun with Word Clouds

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