The Orange Letter U

Orange letter ‘U’. Made from 3mm cast acrylic moulded into the letter ‘U’, part of an order for a customer who required the letters for a children’s Nursery School in Bradford. The letters went on a wall in the main reception of the building.

Note. When I took the photo it was definitely orange, when I resized it on my computer it was still a bright orange but when I uploaded it to the blog it has a definite look of red to it. This is a red moulded letter ‘U’ formally known to us as an orange letter ‘U’. Do not adjust your monitor just imagine it is orange.

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La Lanterna


A close up shot of the La Lanterna sign, to give you an idea of the silver glosss vinyl letters onto the aluminium composite.

La Lanterna. Shop front sign layout. Size of sign 4800mm x 600mm. The sign was made from 3mm thick aluminium composite. Silver on Black. Fonts used were English Script and Amerigo.

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Miriams Florist

Layout for shop front sign in Times New Roman font, Gold lettering on Black aluminium composite, . 780mm x 5700mm. Supplied in three sections for DIY fitting by the customer. Delivered to Middlesbrough in the UK.

Take 2

Take 2

Layout for a job to produce 3D letters in cast resin for a shop front sign. Letters will be 250mm high, 25mm thick with brass locators on the back. The letters will be made in a Gold Colour. The type face used on this project is Monotype Corsiva, all lower case.

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Example of cut out acrylic letters onto timber shop front. Fitted on site by customer. Located in Thurloe Street London.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips Layout.

800mm x 6000mm sign. 3mm thick aluminium laminate with vinyl graphics.

You measure it, we make it, you fit it.