Bespoke Cast Resin Letters

Bespoke cast resin letters. Over the years we have been making cast resin letters for our customers, we have a range of moulds that we use to cast from in standard sizes. Resin letters are the choice when the customer wants 3D letters to put on their building and they want them to last for decades.

Over the last couple of years we have been developing a way of making one use moulds. This allows us to produce bespoke cast resin letters. These letters can be made to any font, colour, size and thickness. The problem that we have not been able to get past is that they take too long to make commercially, so sadly we do not advertise it on our website very much. The letters do tend to weigh rather a lot as they use a lot of resin when they are 50mm thick.

Bespoke resin letters only come in a matt finish at the moment. Back to the drawing board.

Now, it’s funny how, when looking for one solution you come across another by mistake. The resin that we found to make the bespoke cast letters is solvent free, no more fumes, great. The resin does not attack polystyrene, so we are now able to make 3D sculptures without the fumes. Getting polyester resin to go with polystyrene was a bit of a task. Problem solved, don’t use it, use this other resin instead.

To be honest I think in most circumstances powder coated stainless steel letters does the job just as well. We make stainless steel letters and they will last a life time.

So, if you do want 3D letters think of stainless steel built up letters, they are easier to make and last just as long as solid cast resin letters.


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