Spicy World

New spicy world shop front sign. This sign was 9 Metres long by 1.5 metres high, fixed into an aluminium frame. The panel was made from an aluminium bonded material. The lettering was self adhesive stick on.

The sign was fitted in Bournemouth England.

3D Letters made from solid cast resin

A short tutorial video on how to fix 3D letters with brass stand off fixings.

These letters are made from solid cast resin, they are 250mm high by 30mm thick. The letters weigh about 2kg each, they were painted in a brushed silver finish. This particular job was done for an interior design project in London.


How to make 3D Polystyrene Letters

How to make polystyrene letters for the home or for hobby crafts.

The usual way to make polystyrene letters would be with a hot wire cutter. This is the way that we make them when we are making letters for our customers. If you want to make letters for domestic use for the home for putting onto the wall and painting them there is a way to make them without a proper hit wire cutter. You can use a scroll saw to make the letters instead. You can also use a jig saw with a (101a blade).

First make a paper templates of the letters required which you can make by printing them off from a computer. Tape the paper templates onto 1mm thick card. Cut the card with a craft knife, next use drawing pins to fix the card template onto the polystyrene. Use a scroll saw to cut the polystyrene letters, the card template will help you to get a better shape for the letters.

Once the letters are cut you can smooth the letters off with a medium grade sand paper. Paint the letters with a vinyl matt emulsion. Gloss paint will usually melt the letters. The letters can be finished off with a gloss finish but only if you cover the letters with a couple of layers of epoxy resin or exterior grade PVA.

To buy your polystyrene try contacting your local builders merchant or DIY store. They often keep sheets in thicknesses of 25mm and 50mm in stick.

When cutting the letters with a scroll saw please remember to use a face mask to stop you from breathing in any dust.

When cutting the card template  you will find it easier to cut the straight lines first and then do the curves, use a ruler as a guide, if you try to cut a straight line with out a ruler you will end up with a wobbly line. Practise your cutting before you try to make the letters.


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Video Tutorial about fitting Stainless Steel Letters

Video about fitting stainless steel letters with brass locators.

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3D Letters

The Letter B made in a solid cast resin, 250mm high, 25mm thick, brushed silver painted. Supplied with stand-off fixings. Sold on Ebay. These letters weighed  2kg each. The letters take 3 weeks to make.

3D Cast Resin Letters

The Number 5

The number 5 made from fastcast resin. The letter was first carved out of a dense foam in reverse, I removed the letter and kept the backing material, I then filled the backing material with the resin, when the resin had gone off hard I removed the cast letter and disposed of the one use mould. The result is a rustic looking cast resin letter. The texture is the result of the cell structure from the hand carved mould. This was an interesting project to do. There may be a market it if sold to interior designers or architects. The benefit of these letters is that they will not rust or rot and if fitted on a building they should last the life of the building. 

I will probably continue to work on this method of producing 3D letters as I think they are a nice alternative to what is on the market.

We have completed a small number of jobs using this method of producing 3D letters, for florists, an art shop, tattoo shop and for a church where they were looking for something different and wanted the letters to last a long time.


3D Cast Resin Numbers


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